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A Word for France and Belgium

The Elijah list – Rob Radosti: “Prepare for the Whirlwinds of God Full of His Glory”

In my second dream, I saw the Lord swirling among French-speaking nations, and specifically, I saw a convergence of religious leaders in Belgium. During their summit, I saw the Holy Spirit come as the Bondage Breaker to break religious mindsets and the chains of indoctrination. I saw that the terror attacks on French and Belgian soil were demonic assignments opposing the heavenly assignment of revival that France and Belgium carry for the harvests throughout Europe for the end of the age!

I saw the whirlwinds begin swirling through French soil uniting the people, and the Church filled with the mighty boldness of a lion again! Evangelists and other traveling ministers would be wise to invest in French-speaking nations during these times. God is raising an army out of the whirlwinds in these regions! I awoke from this dream to the news of an attempted attack in Paris, France in which they had to lock nearly a thousand people in the Notre Dame Cathedral together.

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