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When the wilderness look like demolition

Our neighbors across the street are doing some remodeling. I am not sure what they are doing, but there has been a wrecking ball over there for about a week now. I’m sure when the project is complete that the changes will be an improvement. Right now all that can be seen is a gaping hole and broken brick. I was thinking that’s a picture of how God works on us. He has to tear down our thoughts…

When the wilderness looks like a four bedroom house

I have often wondered what it felt like for the children of Israel to camp in the desert for forty years. It is widely speculated and often preached about the different forms their disobedience took. Sometimes we even think that “that could never happen to us.” We think our hearts are not that stubborn. We think that after a quick prayer of repentance, the Promised Land will appear. Ten years…

How do they do that?

Most people don’t like moving. There’s packing and unpacking, lifting and maneuvering. In Belgium there is the added problem of tiny doors, narrow hallways and winding stairs. One thing they do make larger is the windows. The balmy weather has caused home owners and builders to favor double wide hinged windows over the American sash style. So, the best (and only) way to get furniture into a…

More babies

The number of births in the Brussels-Capital region is steadily increasing, according to the latest statistics from the Health and Welfare Observatory. In 2012, 19,355 children were born in the European capital, compared to 19,111 the previous year. That is a 27.7% increase compared to a decade ago.

Brussels is the only region in Belgium where the number of births is on the rise, the reason…

8 Victories

We have seen some amazing doors open in the first two weeks of December.

Many events took place in the European Parliament.
1. European Coalition for Israel confronted the foreign office about the mysterious guidelines that came out during the summer. No one seems to know where they originated. ECI was able to present clear guidelines to work toward peace in Israel.
This was a stop t…

I’m a TV star… no, but really

Middle East Report

Here is a taste of one initiative by our Israel Strategy Prayer team. One of the businessmen in the group was inspired to have Simon Barratt to fly over from London to film here in Brussels. His reports are being distributed into parts of Europe. However, this one is sponsored by Revelation TV. Europe needs to hear a fresh perspective of their history and relations regarding Israel and the Arab…

Sad news for Catholics

I was invited to a special event with the Catholic Conservative Group here in Brussels walking distance from the Brussels House of Prayer. They seem to identify the same problems in this humanistic society that I do. They appreciate the Catholics that still believe that the Bible is true. The man behind me asked the question that I have been wanting to ask for 5 years.

Upon arriving here,…

The Islamization of Europe

france & musl

The Euro-Arab dialogue is heating up and unfortunately many pertinent pieces of information are not being discussed. Here are some things that are happening in Europe.

There is a Europe Arab Dialogue Institution operating at high levels in Europe.
1. It’s goal is to cement the relationship between Europe and the Arab world.
2. They talk about Economics and Politics.
3. At its foundation…

MIA found after 8 years

Here is a letter I received from a Pastor recently. I have not seen him in 8-9 years. Even though we have not been able to correspond to each other during such a long time, we are bonded in the Lord, as you can see in the letter. Notice the joy of the Lord in his heart. It is quite a joy for me too. I have prayed for him so many times, even though I could not find where he had moved.  This…

The gates of the EU will not prevail

We just finished our prayer watch for Israel. One of the ladies has been invited to the Jewish ladies gathering tomorrow. They know she is a Christian, but they invited her anyway.

We were in the parliament building last week for Europe Coalition for Israel. A paper was presented to the Foreign Ministry Office on guidelines for a solution in the Middle East. It was strong and direct and w…

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