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When the wilderness looks like a four bedroom house

I have often wondered what it felt like for the children of Israel to camp in the desert for forty years. It is widely speculated and often preached about the different forms their disobedience took. Sometimes we even think that “that could never happen to us.” We think our hearts are not that stubborn. We think that after a quick prayer of repentance, the Promised Land will appear. Ten years ago we bought a house from one of our neighbors. Our motivation was to help out our friends who were in a financial bind and to hopefully resell the house at a profit. The day of the closing, we both felt the Lord was telling us to cancel the sale, but we didn’t listen. We were afraid of what a cancellation would do to our neighbors.
For ten years we bore the weight of our disobedience. Even with lots of repentance, we didn’t see any relief. Last year we even had to go through the court system because of the house. That immersion into the legal process convinced me that no one can ever keep every jot of the law. I gained a new appreciation for the grace of God. In the end, it was the grace of God which got us out of that house. I’m sure there will be other days in the wilderness, but for now I am just trying to enjoy my deliverance and remain grateful for a love I could not earn. — Margaret

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